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Raised by a hunter, our family is caretaking his land sustainably and responsibly for future generations. We grew up as kids in the 1960s, dressing the fish, birds and deer that my Father hunted. He fed his family with wild fish and game. He taught us wilderness skills, and respect for the animals and the land. This land is a remote, hidden treasure, with state park-caliber beauty. The scenery on the drive to the parcel is breathtaking. You will not see another human being, nor their footprints. The land has not been grazed in half a century and is truly pristine. By making it available to hunters to use the land responsibly, and by harvesting game in a sustainable fashion, we are preserving this habitat for the future. The ranch is truly a time capsule -- you will feel as you have gone back in time to a primitive moment in history. Earth remains as it was here -- with an abundance of Southwestern native plants, wildflowers, bees, insects and rattlesnakes, bats, hawk, owl, rabbits and rodents -- and the big game animals who feed on this ecosystem, including bighorn sheep, wild boar, antelope, deer, bear, bobcat, mountain lion, coyote, and predators. Wild horses and wild burro also roam freely here, and there are no fences to restrict their ancestral travels to springs, streams and rivers.

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