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Mark L
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I was born and raised in the state of Florida. From the time i was a young boy i was infected with the hunting bug. At the age of 8 years old i was in the woods hunting everything from quail, squirrels, wild hogs , turkey and whitetail deer. It didnt take long to find out i had an obsession with the whitetail deer, while everyone else had dreams of growing up and playing pro football or baseball i had the dream of being in the midwest hunting giant whitetails. I harvested my first buck at 8 years old a 120 inch 8 point. From that day forward i was hooked. As i grew into a young man nothing had changed. I read every magazine and book i could find on how to hunt and become a great whitetail hunter. As soon as i was able to drive i started traveling and hunting all over the south east. As time went by and years started to pass i started taking trips to the mid west. The obsession grew hotter every year to relocate where the giant whitetail called home. I eventually met my wife in Florida and she to had the desire to relocate. She loved the seasonal changes. In Florida youve got two seasons hot and hotter. We eventually had 3 beautiful children two boys and a girl. After few years we made the big move. We moved to the state of Missouri. As time passed i would get tons of hunting in and harvest my share of big whitetails. As time went by i started taking family and friends hunting. One thing i started to notice was that i was enjoying watching others harvest deer and the smiles i seen on folks faces was unforgettable. As time went by i started offering opportunities for others to harvest whitetails , because it helped me pay for my leases. One thing i noticed was that it was still very gratifying watching complete strangers harvest nice deer even though they were complete strangers. As time went on i made lots of new friends and i noticed more and more guys were wanting to come back hunting. One morning i woke up and thought i needed a change in careers. I had been in the same industry for years and finally decided to do what i love and that was to start a small outdoor hunting operation providing opportunities for others to have a chance to harvest whitetails. Thats when Buckzilla outfitting was born. Im currently 45 years old and have spent 37 years pursuing whitetail deer and turkeys. Im still married to the same great gal who pushed me to pursue my dreams. If youd like to come to Missouri to hunt whitetail deer or turkeys we would love to have you.
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  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B
    October 2020

    A real class-act and perfect guest! He was easy to communicate with, flexible, and knowledgeable. We can’t wait to have him out again next year!