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  • LK
    Lauren K

    We had a great time at Montana Cow Company. JD was very helpful and his property was great to hunt. We loved having easy access to the National Forest by using his place. We would definitely come again next year.

    Reviewed by Guest on November 2022
  • Josh R
    Josh R

    Had a great time this weekend out at JD's. No birds harvested, but saw several good-looking spruce grouse up there. My buddy and I walked 7 miles around his property and onto adjacent public, while his bird dog put in 14 miles throughout the hunt. It was great learning experience and an amazing time! Can't say enough good things about this property, we'll definitely go up again soon. Thanks JD!

    Reviewed by Guest on October 2022
  • RS
    Robert S

    This was a very positive experience from start to finish. JD was great about helping me out with understanding the property. The property had some really nice habitat and easy access to almost national forest. Although I was bird hunting, I did see some nice whitetail bucks :) Due to proximity to Bozeman and experience, I'll definitely be going again. Thanks again JD!

    Reviewed by Guest on September 2022
  • AO
    Allen O

    I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this property from looking at the map. It is actually a very nice creek with a lot of fish, all be they pretty small. I started at the southern end of the property, which is quite wooded and brushy with some nice pools and runs. Very tight casting. The middle part above and below the creek crossing is straight and shallow best avoided. The upper part is a bit more open with nice pools. You can continue north above the property line by staying in the creek. I caught around 10 fish include a couple of respectable 10-11" ones. I was there for 5 hours including a lunch break. I plan on going back. JD was nice and took me to a place to park near the stream.

    Reviewed by Guest on August 2022
  • AK
    Adam K

    This is a beautiful property. My kids and I enjoyed exploring the area. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Reviewed by Guest on September 2022
  • GW
    Gregory W

    I don’t do reviews since when I gave an honest one I was black balled by associates of the VBRO

    Reviewed by Guest on September 2022
  • jz
    james z

    This was my first elk hunting trip to Montana and also using Landtrust. I had a good experience and would do it again. I enjoyed myself and feel that what JD has to offer is something that I will try again. I may try to come a little later or watch the weather a little closer as I ran into record heat for the whole duration of my trip. That being said I still was able to see some elk up close and hear some bugling.

    Reviewed by Guest on September 2022
  • Nick R
    Nick R

    Thanks for the opportunity to access some great private and public land. JD was responsive to questions and we had a great weekend.

    Reviewed by Guest on November 2021
  • MH
    Melissa H

    Had an absolutely amazing time! JD was incredibly helpful showing us the property and filling us in on where animals typically hang out. I loved the opportunity with LandTrust and can't wait to use them again!

    Reviewed by Guest on September 2021
    JD H

    Vary nice to deal with vary respectful would have back

    Reviewed by Landowner on September 2021
  • JW
    John W

    Great property with lots of game around and friendly hosts.

    Reviewed by Guest on November 2021
  • Nic D
    Nic D

    JD is a great host and the property is awesome. With the burn last year it’s going to hunt amazing this year.

    Reviewed by Guest on June 2021
    JD H

    Vary good to work with

    Reviewed by Landowner on June 2021
  • Colton D
    Colton D

    JD is a great host with a spectacular property. Extremely helpful in offering advice on hunting the property and willing to help if I was successful in harvesting an animal. Although the location was partially hit by the bridger fire, there is still plenty of food and the animals have moved back in. A large portion of the adjacent national forest was untouched and is still as pristine as ever for wildlife.

    Reviewed by Guest on October 2020
  • Nic D
    Nic D

    JD was a great host, very responsive and helpful! The property is gorgeous, we went to check out the property for later in the season. Beautiful place with plenty of habitat for whitetail and some sheltered pastures for elk when they're passing through. Plus, it's so close to town you could sneak a hunt in before or after work!

    Reviewed by Guest on August 2020
    JD H

    Respected all rules and property. Happy to have Nic again.

    Reviewed by Landowner on August 2020