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Natalie J
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About Natalie

Hello! My name is Natalie Jones and I am a lifelong rancher and fifth generation on the Diamond Bar Ranch. The Diamond Bar Ranch has been family owned and operated since 1901 and and has one of the oldest registered brands in Nebraska. Our ranching legacy continues with the tradition of raising cow-calf pairs and quarter horses on carefully managed pastures in the Sandhills north of Stapleton, Nebraska.

Hands-on management of the ranch and preserving natural resources for future generations have been our top priorities for over 120 years as a family. That holistic mindset began with my great-great grandfather Wallace Baskin and his wife Mary Josephine when they purchased the ranch in May of 1901 from Danish settlers. 

I’ve always admired the spirit and dedication of my ancestors as stewards of the land, while producing an excellent product in the heart of beef country in Nebraska. 

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