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  • Paul E
    Paul E

    Mark and Mason are two avid hunters who drove all the way from New York to Maple Creek Canyon, hoping to get a shot at the beautiful variety of Nebraska turkeys at Maple Creek Canyon. I gave them a complete 8 mile tour on Friday afternoon. But they didn’t want me driving in too far so as not to spook the birds. We could see several wild turkeys from a distance. Early Saturday morning these able-bodied young men quietly hiked in the dark to a remote area where the turkeys roost. At sunup, my wife and I heard 3 pops. A few minutes later I received the following message: “We are very grateful for this opportunity to hunt you’re beautiful land. The limit is three turkeys per person in Nebraska. There are definitely a lot of birds on you’re property. It was an amazing hunt. I killed two male turkeys and mason killed one. We are headed west to try to find some more to hunt.”

    Reviewed by Landowner on April 2022
    Mark A

    My friend and I traveled from NY to Nebraska to turkey hunt at Maple Creek. Paul was great on keeping me informed of the turkey population and what the birds tend to do in the area. Paul was also receptive to our hunting strategies and willing to give us a layout of the land. My friend and I were able to harvest two long beards and a Jake. It appears the turkeys are a young population with great potential for the next few years. Overall, my experience at Maple Creek Canyon was excellent and expectations were met.

    Reviewed by Guest on April 2022