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Eugene was a great host! A down to earth, wonderful guy. He took the time to make sure my hunt was a success. The property is absolutely beautiful, with plenty of birds. Thanks again, Eugene!
Property photo of Holmberg Farms in Bristow, NE
Lee W.
Holmberg Farms in Bristow, NE
Nice ranch! It is at the end of a road and very quiet. Plenty of critters around. Saw elk and deer and found recent tracks of bear, mountain lion, and bobcat. Didn't hear or see any turkeys on this trip, but I'm certain multiple birds will be harvested from this property by the end of the season.
The ranch is full of game. Already planning a 3rd trip. It’s difficult to decide on hunting for deer or upland game, but in difference to my new puppy, next time, the focus will be on upland game. Can't wait to return and spend some time with the Dexters. God bless them both with health and happiness.
Andrew was awesome, answered all of our questions and talked with us on the phone to help us maximize the short amount of time we had. We were able to harvest turkeys on the first day.
Earl was a great host! Very friendly and helpful. He even showed me around the property the night before my reservation. The property has a very strong turkey population and some big Toms. I had an awesome hunt.
I had the pleasure to hunt turkey at Lori’s place for a couple of days. Her husband, Pat, showed me around their different properties which was great. The communication was excellent and made it easy to come up with a game plan. There were a lot of turkeys on the property!
The property and the turkey population absolutely lived up to both Mark’s description and enthusiasm. Wow. This place could become a favorite in the spring seasons to come. Top rate! And Mark knows his stuff as well. Great host!
I sure enjoyed hunting at Walnut Creek Encounters. Large mature Bucks get harvested in this area yearly. Heat and drought made the early season hunt pretty challenging this year in Kansas. Jay and Maureen are easy to deal with and are friendly folks.
This was a very positive experience from start to finish. JD was great about helping me out with understanding the property. The property had some really nice habitats and easy access to national forests. Although I was bird hunting, I did see some nice whitetail bucks :)

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There is nothing like spending the day fly fishing on Montana's free-flowing rivers and streams. For a memorable family experience, book a Montana fishing property and enjoy an entire day of fly fishing with the whole family.
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Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
Saults Ranch
1-6 Guests | Outdoor RecreationSaults Ranch
16,000 Acres in Gordon, NE
Lodging Available
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