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Discover farms and ranches for your next great outdoor adventure.


850,000+ Acres of Private Land

Acres of Private Land

Join the world’s largest recreation access network.

LandTrust for Ranchers, Farmers & Landowners

LandTrust partners with farmers, ranchers, and other landowners to simply & safely generate income from their land’s recreational value. Through hosting guests for activities like bird watching, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and many other farm & ranch activities our LandTrust Landowners are generating significant income from the asset that sits under their feet every day: their land.

LandTrust for Recreators, Sportsmen & Explorers

LandTrust provides private land access for you to enjoy. That means no crowds, no competition, just you & the land. You can use LandTrust to pursue your favorite outdoor activity like bird watching, photography, fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, etc. You can also use LandTrust to book farm & ranch experiences like cattle drives, brandings, harvests, and many more. LandTrust connects you with the amazing farmers & ranchers of our country and the beautiful lands that they steward.

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Cullom Ranch
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1-6 Guests | Hunt & BirdCullom Ranch
9,900 Acres • Cody, NE
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How LandTrust Works

Step 1

Landowners create a free account & choose what types of activities they’d like to host.

Landowners have 100% control over activities, pricing, availability, & rules.

Step 2

Recreators discover properties & connect with landowners.

Search for properties by state, activity, or most popular in our featured section.

Step 3

Landowners receive & review booking requests.

Landowners can message with potential guests and choose to either accept or decline any booking for any reason.

Step 4

Recreators get exclusive access to enjoy the property for their booking.

When recreators book on LandTrust, they gain 100% exclusive access to the property for their stay.

Ranchers, Farmers &

Recreators, Sportsmen &

Exclusive experiences
on private land, just
for you.

When you book a trip through LandTrust, you gain exclusive access to property for the duration of your stay.
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Our Top Landowners
This Month

Keith Brown
Keith BrownKendall, KansasJoined Sept 20, 2019
Jody Dexter
Jody DexterValentine, NebraskaJoined March 17, 2021
Barb Axtell
Barb AxtellBozeman, MTJoined April 16, 2021

I would advise any other producer that I know to look into LandTrust. There's no time limit on LandTrust, try it a year and if you don't like it, you can stop anytime, but if you do like it, make some money & take some worries away. It's that simple.

Chuck hosts recreators on LandTrust for the additional income it provides for his family.

Chuck Image

With LandTrust, I set the rules for my property and accept the guests that I trust. I’m able to stay in control of my land, and meet guests who respect my land as much as I do.

JD hosts recreators on LandTrust for the control it provides over traditional door knocking leases.

JD Image

Working with LandTrust has been amazing because my dad has trusted me to do and try things that generations above him would have said "absolutely not."

Katelyn hosts recreators on LandTrust to gain additional income for her family and trust from her dad.

Katelyn Image
The Recreation Access Network
Discover farms and ranches for your
next outdoor adventure.

LandTrust 2022
Proudly Headquartered in Montana
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