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"I love getting updates from my favorite properties"
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Find packages that are only available for you.

With LandTrust+, you can easily see which packages are only available for LandTrust+ members, giving you an advantage by being the first to inquire and book with landowners. Early Access hunts are marked with an early access badge so you can easily find them.

You can also find early access hunts in the search results by using the early access filter. This will allow you to see the packages that are only available for LandTrust+ members. Try it out by using the button below.

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early access benefits
early access benefits
Read how Collin uses Early Access for his hunts this season.
As a hunter with a family and a busy work schedule, I don’t have as many free days as I used to. With Early Access, I have first priority to book the dates that I know work with my schedule.It’s also been pretty cool to be one of the first LandTrust sportsmen on these new properties and act as an ambassador for LandTrust. I can show landowners that LandTrust sportsmen are respectful, appreciative, and self-sufficient.
Get notified when landowners make updates.

With Field Notes, you’ll receive updates from listings that you’re following whenever new photos are added to a listing, new packages are created for that listing, the listing gets a new review from a sportsman, and more. You’ll also receive updates when landowners add posts about what they’re seeing around their properties.

An example of a landowner update could be: ‘Saw a few big flocks of turkeys in the fields this morning.’ with an accompanying photo of the turkeys the landowner took with his phone.

field notes benefits
field notes benefits
Get updates from landowners on properties that you’re interested in.

Tag Insurance enables LT+ sportsmen to book hunts for next season before tags are drawn by enabling them to cancel for a full refund (net of credit card processing fees). If you were unsuccessful in drawing a tag for a hunt that you booked on LandTrust, you need to reach out to our Customer Success team within 14 days of the date that the draw results were released.

Our Customer Success team will work with you to cancel that booking and refund you (net of the credit card processing fee). We will not be able to cancel bookings for a refund after the 14-day draw results period.

tag insurance benefits
tag insurance benefits
Read how Josh took advantage of his tag insurance perk this year.
I love to hunt in new states which means I’m always trying to draw non-resident tags. The issue I had been running into with LandTrust was that I’d want to book a property for opening weekend or a certain week of archery or the rut, but by the time the tag drawings would be announced, those dates would already be taken. Now, with Tag Insurance, I can lock in my dates on the properties I want to hunt in different states before the tag drawings, and if I don’t draw, I can get refunded for the trip.
Deals on our favorite gear in the industry.
We’ve partnered with companies that make some of the best gear in the industry to help you maximize your experience in the field.
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