Conservation is our business.

    Our Story

    At LandTrust, we are built on and grow from a passion for the land and its resources. All our actions work to protect and respect them and the landowners who steward them. Our business is based on these two fundamental ideas:

    Fundamental One

    Undeveloped private land should remain undeveloped and in hands of farmers and ranchers who work and steward it.

    Fundamental Two

    Responsible hunting is the driving force that maintains abundant wildlife.

    This generation of farmers and ranchers are challenged to maintain profitability. Their wealth is in the land and, in some cases, they’re faced with selling land for development to address financial challenges. For landowners, LandTrust offers an opportunity for additional income from the land they work hard to protect and in doing so keeps their land in their hands, where it belongs.

    For sportsmen, LandTrust invites them to responsibly contribute to wildlife & habitat sustainability by paying directly into the lands & wildlife resources that they’re enjoying. In the US, hunters have been a driving force in creating a structured balance of regulation and investment in conservation that supports healthy habitat & wildlife populations.

    We work towards a future with continued access to wide open spaces, pristine habitat, and abundant wildlife. One in which the value of rural working lands is maximized for both those who own and work them as well as those who enjoy their beauty & their bountiful natural resources.

    Founder & CEO
    Founder & CEO
    Chuck - Landowner at The Storey Ranch
    I would advise any other producer that I know to look into LandTrust. There's no time limit on LandTrust, try it a year and if you don't like it, you can stop anytime, but if you do like it, make some money & take some worries away. It's that simple.
    ChuckLandowner at The Storey Ranch

    Our Mission

    We are sustainably improving habitat and wildlife by making rural private lands accessible for responsible recreation while increasing landowner profitability.
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    Blake - Bowhunter
    I’ve done the door knocking route asking landowners for access and the public land route, but LandTrust is the perfect platform to find and access private land that you otherwise would never be able to hunt.

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