The Recreation Access Network
The Recreation Access Network
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    The Recreation Access Network

    Our Purpose

    LandTrust exists to enable the enjoyment, profitability, and sustainability of America’s undeveloped private lands.

    Our Story

    LandTrust connects landowners with outdoor recreators seeking recreational land access in an easy to use online marketplace. We are the leading recreation access network that brings people together to create income for landowners and opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts.

    At LandTrust, we believe the future of working lands is dependent on a portfolio of income from agricultural production, conservation and recreation opportunities. Whether you are a landowner or an outdoor enthusiast, everyone benefits when rural and working land remains undeveloped. That is why we created LandTrust.

    We are committed to building partnership, community and trust with our landowners and recreators.

    Founder & CEO
    Founder & CEO


    LandTrust is all about partnership. Landowners bring their land and experiences. Recreators bring their excitement and respect for the land. And LandTrust offers an easy to use online platform to connect the two and make it easy to transact. Through our online recreation access network, landowners can not only connect with respectful guests, but they can also gain peace of mind from insurance and indemnity, and secure a higher percentage of revenue than any other online network.

    For sportsmen/women and recreational enthusiasts, LandTrust makes it safe, easy and affordable to access private land. We break down stereotypes of access to private land being just for the wealthy to give everyone access to new opportunities.


    Our hope has always been that through connection to the land, people would be able to build relationships and stronger communities. When a group of neighbors partner with LandTrust, the larger community benefits financially. More visitors to town, means greater access for the whole community to more than $17 billion spent on land access each year.

    We also love that guests visiting private land often walk away with a strong sense of community with the people who steward these beautiful places. The agricultural way of life becomes real for those who don’t live it day to day. A way of life is more clearly understood and connection is made through empathy.


    LandTrust applies old school principles to an easy to use tech platform. We believe in the value of giving your word and sticking to it. We don’t offer any fine print. We don’t change the rules. For landowners, it's a good deal with protection. For guests, it’s an opportunity with no hidden details. We tie our success to positive experiences of landowners and outdoor enthusiasts that visit.

    Explore LandTrust, The Recreation Access Network for yourself and see how your experience delivers great rewards.

    Chuck - Landowner at The Storey Ranch
    I would advise any other producer that I know to look into LandTrust. There's no time limit on LandTrust, try it a year and if you don't like it, you can stop anytime, but if you do like it, make some money & take some worries away. It's that simple.
    ChuckLandowner at The Storey Ranch
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    Blake - Bowhunter
    I’ve done the door knocking route asking landowners for access and the public land route, but LandTrust is the perfect platform to find and access private land that you otherwise would never be able to hunt.

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    The Recreation Access Network
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