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    Hear What LandTrust Turkey Hunters Have To Say

    I went to the Lovejoy Ranch on a turkey hunt and Jody and Bob were awesome hosts. Bob showed me where the birds travel through and where they are roosting. The ranch was awesome and had an excellent population of birds. I was able to tag one the first day. I'm definitely coming back next year.
    Avatar of John Shefcik
    John Shefcik
    Lovejoy, NE
    Oak View Ranch is a heck of a place to stay and hunt turkeys! We killed our 5 birds in a hurry and we're able to kick back and relax at the lodge, do some fishing and enjoy the tranquility of the place, highly recommend.
    Avatar of Jared Larsen
    Jared Larsen
    Oak View, NE
    I went for my spring turkey hunt and was graced with a mature gobbler coming in moments after shooting light with plenty more gobbling up and down the draw. If your looking for a truly one of a kind hunting experience I’d highly suggest the Sheehy ranch over anyplace else.
    Avatar of Blake Gouker
    Blake Gouker
    Sheehy, MT

    Hunting the Grand Slam on LandTrust

    The Grand Slam of turkeys means that you’ve harvested the four main species found in the U.S.: the Eastern, Osceola, Merriam, and Rio Grande. The prevalence of the wild turkey across the country means generally there is at least one species local to where you live. But how do you get out of your area to hunt other species? LandTrust! Every year, sportsmen use LandTrust to book great experiences on properties that have the species they’re after. Some even book a “tour” of properties to attempt a single-season Grand Slam. So if you’re after that one particular bird, or if you want to try a single-season slam, LandTrust makes it easy!

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    EasternTurkey Hunting

    Eastern Wild Turkey

    The most predominant sub species in North America with a population estimated at more than 5 million birds, the Eastern turkey inhabits nearly the entire eastern half of the United States. Its range extends from the eastern edge of Nebraska to the East coast and from Maine to the panhandle of Florida, and as a result is the most popular species with hunters.

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    Eastern Turkey Hunt
    150 Acres at Whispering Pines in Chappells, SC
    Price$150 / Guest
    Archery Whitetail Hunt
    150 Acres at Whispering Pines in Chappells, SC
    Price$75 / Guest
    Spring Turkey Hunt
    80 Acres at Gasconade Oxbow in
    Starting Price$125 / Guest
    Spring Turkey Hunt
    435 Acres at Summerfield Farm in Independence, VA
    Price$125 / Guest
    Spring Turkey Hunt
    500 Acres at Shire Gate in
    Starting Price$125 / Guest
    Dove Hunt
    500 Acres at Shire Gate in
    Starting Price$100 / Guest
    Coyote or Small Game Hunt
    500 Acres at Shire Gate in
    Starting Price$75 / Guest
    Hunting/Fishing Basecamp
    11 Acres at Grover Grown Pastures LLC in Withee, WI
    Starting Price$10 / Guest
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    Osceola Wild Turkey

    Osceola, in sharp contrast to the Eastern, has the smallest population and range. Roughly 110,000 birds occupying the southern peninsula of Florida. Osceolas are similar in weight to the Easterns but generally shorter and darker colored.

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    Merriam's Wild Turkey

    The Merriam turkey is the main species in the western mountain states of Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, and Washington with an estimated population of 325,000-350,000 birds. The Merriam is very similar in size to the Eastern but is easily distinguished by its nearly white lower back and tailfeather margins, as well as stronger blue, purple, and bronze reflections in its overall sheen.

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    Bull, Buck, & Bird Hunt + Cabin Stay
    7,842 Acres at IOU Ranch West in Sand Springs, MT
    Starting Price$1,000 / Guest