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    Book your next Montana Mule Deer hunt with LandTrust, the best way to hunt private land.

    For mule deer hunters looking for new opportunities on private land, makes it easy to connect directly with landowners and book mule deer hunts. Unlike expensive annual leases, guided hunts, or door knocking, LandTrust makes accessing private land for mule deer hunting simple.

    Find your next Montana Mule Deer hunt by GMU.

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    Hear What LandTrust Hunters in Montana Have To Say

    The Sheehy Ranch is absolutely beautiful. The scenery exceeded my expectations, and the ranch is full of game. I was able to harvest my largest Mule Deer to date, and my dad was able to harvest a nice whitetail buck as well! Jon went above and beyond to accommodate us, and make us feel at home!
    Jesse Weissner
    Sheehy Ranch, MT
    From the first gobble we heard on the first morning to golden hour on the last evening overlooking the Gallatin Valley, we were wowed by the property. I could not have asked for a better spot to learn the ropes! I'd highly recommend the property to anyone looking to shed hunt or hike! Wildlife is abundant on the property.
    Josh Roberts
    Black Ranch, MT
    Our recent trip to the ranch was awesome. Shane was super helpful in showing us around and looking at maps. The cabin was great, and my daughter and I had a lot of fun. I would recommend this place to anyone. Top-notch. Saw a bunch of antelope. Thanks again for a great trip. Hope to do it again sometime.
    Matt & Jena Smith
    Elk Creek Adventures, MT

    GMU 304

    Deer hunting can be done with a general tag in Unit 304. This district encompasses parts of the Custer Gallatin National Forest and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area. The district is home to a good number of mule deer, with about two-thirds of the population residing on private land. This allows bucks to reach maturity and a few trophy-worthy bucks are harvested in this unit every year.

    Archery Deer Hunt
    760 Acres at Axtell Ranch in Bozeman, MT
    Starting Price$300 / Guest
    Archery Deer Hunt (Mule Deer or Whitetail)
    700 Acres at The Storey Ranch in Bozeman, MT
    Starting Price$200 / Guest

    GMU 312

    This district is divided into two distinct hunting areas: the Bridger Mountains, which require a draw tag for hunting district 312-50, and the rest of the unit, which is a general tag. Located just North of Bozeman, this unit is extremely convenient for folks flying in to Bozeman or even driving along I-90. However with that convenience, comes increased pressure at the limited access points of the Bridger Range. Private land or accessing public land through rivate land can be a big help here. Expect diverse terrain with some steep slopes and timber once you're out of the valley.

    Extended Big Game Hunt
    Starting Price$540 / Guest
    Big Game Hunt
    Starting Price$200 / Guest

    GMU 315

    This general mule deer unit covers the west slope of the Crazy Mountains and many hunters find success in the area every year. Access to the national forests can be difficult in certain areas, but this unit offers a good opportunity for hunters to pursue trophy-sized mule deer due to the high amount of private land in the area.

    Custom Hunting Package
    1,440 Acres at Tobin Creek Ranch in Livingston, MT
    Starting Price$175 / Guest
    5 Day Hunting Package with Lodging
    1,440 Acres at Tobin Creek Ranch in Livingston, MT
    Price$675 / Guest
    7 Day Hunting Package with Lodging
    1,440 Acres at Tobin Creek Ranch in Livingston, MT
    Price$840 / Guest
    3 Day Hunting Package with Lodging
    1,440 Acres at Tobin Creek Ranch in Livingston, MT
    Price$480 / Guest
    Multi-Person Multi-Day Big Game Rifle Hunt
    1,074 Acres at Hamm Ranch in Wilsall, MT
    Starting Price$300 / Guest
    Archery Big Game Hunt
    1,074 Acres at Hamm Ranch in Wilsall, MT
    Starting Price$200 / Guest
    1 Person Rifle Hunt
    1,074 Acres at Hamm Ranch in Wilsall, MT
    Starting Price$175 / Guest

    GMU 335

    Located south of Helena, Unit 335 encompasses the Boulder Mountains and the surrounding foothills west of I-15. This district offers mule deer hunting on an unlimited draw tag. The trophy quality of the deer is generally better on private land, as public land bucks often struggle to reach maturity. Some good mule deer bucks generally come out of the southeast portion of the district.

    Mule Deer Hunt
    1,160 Acres at Mountain Home Ranch in Clancy, MT
    Starting Price$200 / Guest

    GMU 380

    Unit 380 is a prime location for hunting mature mule deer bucks. It is a permit-only unit, but it boasts impressive harvest numbers and good success rates each year, most of which are harvested later in the year during the rut. Mule deer are widely distributed throughout the district and can be found in good numbers.

    GMU 390

    Mule deer hunting can be done in Unit 390 with a general tag. Located in west central Montana just northwest of Bozeman, this district is made up of 90% private lands and can be a challenging place to hunt without prearranged access. The remaining 10% of public opportunities are subject to extreme pressure.

    GMU 393

    Mule deer hunting can be done in Unit 393 with a general tag. This district, located in southwest Montana on the east slope of the Bridger Mountains, is renowned for its high population of game animals, both deer and elk. In addition to providing excellent hunting opportunities, it is also renowned for its stunning natural scenery.

    Rifle Elk/Deer Hunt
    2,728 Acres at Muddy Creek Ranch in Wilsall, MT
    Starting Price$450 / Guest
    Extended Stay Rifle Elk/Deer Hunt
    2,728 Acres at Muddy Creek Ranch in Wilsall, MT
    Starting Price$625 / Guest
    Single Day Rifle Elk/Deer Hunt | No Lodging
    2,728 Acres at Muddy Creek Ranch in Wilsall, MT
    Starting Price$125 / Guest

    GMU 400

    This general hunt unit is located in northcentral Montana, with nearly all land being farmed. The best thing about this district is the minimal pressure on wildlife. The land has very little topography; however, some breaks can be found along rivers and creeks.

    GMU 404

    This general hunt unit is situated in northcentral Montana, where the majority of the land is used for dryland farming. The terrain is relatively flat, with only slight variations in the form of breaks in the landscape along major rivers and creeks. Despite the relatively unvaried topography, this area is known to be home to a number of good bucks.

    Big Game Hunt
    5,150 Acres at Inbody Farms in Choteau, MT
    Starting Price$600 / Guest

    GMU 410

    This hunt district, which is a general unit for mule deer, is located in the picturesque Missouri River Breaks region. It offers a wealth of hunting opportunities, with a large population of mule deer dispersed throughout the area. The greatest concentration of mule deer can be found on private land.

    GMU 411

    Located in the Snowy and Little Snowy Mountains of central Montana, south of Lewistown, this hunt district is renowned for its stunning natural scenery as well as its exceptional hunting opportunities. This district is also considered an opportunity area for mule deer, with general populations evenly dispersed throughout the region, with the majority of does and young bucks found on private land at lower elevations.

    GMU 412

    Hunt District 412, located in central Montana, encompasses the Judith Mountain Range and the North and South Moccasin Ranges. Mule deer can be hunted in this district using a general tag, and the population of these animals has remained strong in recent years.

    Mule Deer Hunting Adventure
    3,400 Acres at Tender Beef Ranch in Lewistown, MT
    Starting Price$700 / Guest