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    For antelope hunters looking for new opportunities on private land, makes it easy to connect directly with landowners and book antelope hunts. Unlike expensive annual leases, guided hunts, or door knocking, LandTrust makes accessing private land for antelope hunting simple.

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    Hear What LandTrust Hunters in Montana Have To Say

    The Sheehy Ranch is absolutely beautiful. The scenery exceeded my expectations, and the ranch is full of game. I was able to harvest my largest Mule Deer to date, and my dad was able to harvest a nice whitetail buck as well! Jon went above and beyond to accommodate us, and make us feel at home!
    Jesse Weissner
    Sheehy Ranch, MT
    From the first gobble we heard on the first morning to golden hour on the last evening overlooking the Gallatin Valley, we were wowed by the property. I could not have asked for a better spot to learn the ropes! I'd highly recommend the property to anyone looking to shed hunt or hike! Wildlife is abundant on the property.
    Josh Roberts
    Black Ranch, MT
    Our recent trip to the ranch was awesome. Shane was super helpful in showing us around and looking at maps. The cabin was great, and my daughter and I had a lot of fun. I would recommend this place to anyone. Top-notch. Saw a bunch of antelope. Thanks again for a great trip. Hope to do it again sometime.
    Matt & Jena Smith
    Elk Creek Adventures, MT

    GMU 317

    Unit 317 is located just south of Interstate 90 in south central Montana. Majority of the land in this district is private. Antelope numbers are good with some quality buck in the mix. This is an extremely scenic antelope unit with Montana mountain ranges in every direction.

    Antelope Hunt
    2,200 Acres at Ellison Ranch in
    Starting Price$600 / Guest

    GMU 338

    Unit 338 is located just north of Livingston and Interstate 90. It encompasses the majority of the Shields River drainage along Highway 89. The unit is home to a large number of antelope, which can be found throughout the area, with a particularly high concentration near agriculture fields on private land. The antelope populations in this region are stable and have shown a slight increase in recent years.

    GMU 371

    Located in west central Montana, this district is a large area with a widely dispersed population of antelope. Despite being down from historic levels, the quality of the antelope in this district is decent, and they can be found scattered throughout the valley.

    GMU 404

    Antelope hunting district 404, located in northcentral Montana, is one of the largest antelope units in the state. It stretches east of the Rocky Mountain front, from Great Falls north to Highway 2, and is characterized by nearly all farmed land, with wheat and other dry ground crops being common. The region has very little topographic variation, except for some river breaks along the major water routes. While it can be difficult to obtain a hunting permit for this unit, it is known for producing some of the best bucks in Montana. A recent die-off did cause a decline in the antelope population, but numbers are still present in the area.

    Antelope Hunt
    3,300 Acres at Four O Farm Co in Conrad, MT
    Starting Price$300 / Guest
    Big Game Hunt
    5,150 Acres at Inbody Farms in Choteau, MT
    Starting Price$600 / Guest

    GMU 420

    Located in central Montana, south of Lewistown and on the north side of the Snowy Mountains, this hunt district extends east to Winnett. The antelope in this region are typically found on private land. The population of antelope in this district has been impacted by a disease outbreak in 2009, and it has taken some time for the area to recover. However, the numbers are now stable and showing slight increases.

    Antelope Hunt
    5,000 Acres at Kimmel Ranch in Roundup, MT
    Starting Price$150 / Guest

    GMU 471

    Located in central Montana, north of Stanford and south of Fort Benton, this district features mostly rangeland in its northern portion, as well as some farm ground. The Missouri River forms the northern boundary of the district. The population of antelope in this district has been impacted by a disease outbreak in 2009, and it has taken some time for the area to recover. However, the numbers are now stable and showing slight increases.

    Antelope Hunt
    4,000 Acres at Mill Iron Livestock Ranch in
    Starting Price$100 / Guest

    GMU 480

    Unit 480 is situated north of Lewistown and extends out to the Missouri River. This hunt district includes part of the Missouri River Breaks in its northern portion. The population of antelope in this district has been impacted by a disease outbreak in 2009, and it has taken some time for the area to recover. However, the numbers are now stable and showing slight increases.

    Antelope Hunting Adventure
    3,400 Acres at Tender Beef Ranch in Lewistown, MT
    Starting Price$450 / Guest

    GMU 481

    Unit 481 is in central Montana, with the town of Winnett as its south boundary and the Missouri River as its north boundary. Antelope can be found scattered throughout the unit. The population of antelope in this district has been impacted by a disease outbreak in 2009, and it has taken some time for the area to recover. However, the numbers are now stable and showing slight increases.

    Antelope Hunt
    18,000 Acres at 44 Ranch in Winnett, MT
    Starting Price$450 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    5,000 Acres at Ahlgren Ranch North in Winnett, MT
    Starting Price$125 / Guest
    Antelope Doe Hunt
    5,000 Acres at Ahlgren Ranch North in Winnett, MT
    Starting Price$50 / Guest

    GMU 506

    Unit 506 boasts very stable antelope populations. Situated just north of Big Timber on the eastern side of the Crazy Mountains, this is a great place to hunt antelope with some spectacular views.

    Antelope Hunting Adventure
    1,640 Acres at Indreland Ranch in Big Timber, MT
    Starting Price$450 / Guest

    GMU 516

    Unit 516 is seeing antelope populations start to recover again from a disease outbreak in 2012. This district sits northeast of Roundup and south of the Snowy Mountains.

    Antelope Hunt
    Starting Price$400 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    50,000 Acres at Lewis Ranch in Lavina, MT
    Starting Price$750 / Guest

    GMU 536

    Unit 536 is characterized by open sagebrush flats and grass prairies, providing an ideal setting for spot and stalk hunting. With a clear view in all directions, hunters can spot antelope herds from a distance. Antelope in this unit tend to be widely dispersed.

    Antelope Hunt
    1,500 Acres at Ahlgren Ranch-Box Elder Bottom in Winnett, MT
    Starting Price$125 / Guest

    GMU 576

    Unit 576 features relatively flat terrain with minimal changes in elevation. The landscape is a mixture of open rangeland and broken sandstone ridges. The area boasts large, open expanses that allow hunters to glass for miles. Overall, the unit offers a classic antelope hunting experience.

    Antelope Hunt
    560 Acres at Taylor Ranch in
    Starting Price$200 / Guest

    GMU 640

    This district is located in northeastern Montana. It is north of the Missouri River and the northern boundary is Canada. Good populations of antelope can be found here but herds tend to be widespread throughout the district. Hunters may need to put on a lot of boot and vehicle miles to locate animals. This district is mostly rolling grassland hills and a mix of CRP with dry land farming scattered throughout the district.

    Antelope Hunt | Access to Both Listings
    4,768 Acres at Thievin Ranch West in Peerless, MT
    Starting Price$150 / Guest

    GMU 650

    Unit 650 is home to several streams, coulees, and drainages that provide opportunities for stalking. There are enough breaks in the terrain as well that make for good stalking conditions. It also offers good glassing conditions. The eastern boundary of the district is the North Dakota state line. Antelope are found throughout the district, with higher concentrations in the southern half.

    Antelope Hunt
    Starting Price$600 / Guest

    GMU 700

    District 700 is one of the largest antelope hunting areas in the state and offers not only good hunting opportunities, but also stunning scenery. While it is possible to find good bucks in this district, you may need to put in some effort to locate them. The antelope population in this area is still recovering from the winter of 2011, but good bucks are still harvested each year.

    Antelope Hunt
    3,174 Acres at Coulter Ranch in Brusett, MT
    Starting Price$150 / Guest

    GMU 702

    This hunt district is located between the Bighorn River and Tongue River in southeast Montana. The northern border in some areas is the Yellowstone River. This area has lots of private land and holds abundant numbers of antelope. Hunters can make the short drive from Miles City and Billings.

    Antelope Hunt
    7,000 Acres at Ballensky Ranch in
    Starting Price$690 / Guest

    GMU 703

    Unit 703 encompasses a significant region that covers large portions of Dawson, Wibaux, Richland, Prairie, and Fallon Counties. Its landscape is characterized by rolling grassy and sagebrush ridges, open prairies, and scattered breaks. This area is an excellent place to escape and appreciate the prairies of eastern Montana. During the early season, antelope can be found in small isolated groups that are rutting. Water holes can be a good source of hydration during dry years. As the season progresses, the size of antelope herds increase, and by the end of the rifle season, they can typically be found in very large herds.

    Antelope Hunt
    4,775 Acres at E C Ranch West in
    Starting Price$675 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    4,650 Acres at Mahlstedt Ranch | Upper in
    Starting Price$330 / Guest
    Deer or Antelope or Turkey Hunt | No Lodging
    7,300 Acres at Mahlstedt Ranch | Lower in Circle, MT
    Starting Price$175 / Guest

    GMU 705

    Hunt District 705 is located in the southeast corner of Montana, with the Powder River along its western border. This district is a stunning place to hunt, with rolling prairies, expansive sagebrush flats, forested timber buttes, and steep river breaks.

    Antelope Hunt
    10,000 Acres at Alkali Ranch in Ekalaka, MT
    Starting Price$1,500 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    12,000 Acres at Bruski Ranch in Ekalaka, MT
    Starting Price$300 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    6,860 Acres at Vassar Ranch Montana in
    Starting Price$200 / Guest
    Whitetail Hunt
    11,000 Acres at Meyer Ranch in Ekalaka, MT
    Starting Price$750 / Guest

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