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Safety & Insurance

Our goal at LandTrust is for rural private lands to be enjoyed safely and securely for all types of outdoor recreation. To help promote that experience and the peace of mind it brings to both recreators and landowners, LandTrust has enhanced its Safety and Insurance Program.

Your Safety

Guest ID Verification

The first way LandTrust supports our landowners is by verifying the identification of guests and ensuring smooth financial transactions between all parties. Our goal is to connect landowners with respectful recreators who appreciate the work and dedication our landowners have invested into their properties.

Two-way Ratings

Landowners can rate and review their experience with guests and vice versa, to help enrich our community and encourage all parties to have the best experience possible.

Landowner Acceptance/Approval

Landowners must always approve each requested booking. Landowners are always in control of who enjoys their property and under what circumstances.

Insurance & Indemnification


All LandTrust guests have agreed to indemnify and hold LandTrust and its landowner partners harmless.

Guest Injury

Should a guest be injured in the course of their experience, LandTrust will provide up to $10,000 of coverage to reimburse the guest for medical and other expenses.

Landowner Property Damage

Should a landowner experience some property damage as a result of hosting an experience, LandTrust will provide up to $10,000 of per-incident coverage to reimburse the Landowner for the damage.

Landowner Liability.

While landowners always carry their own liability insurance, sometimes those policies do not cover for-fee activities. In this case, we have two options through our LandTrust partner network. Many producers are insured through their local Farm Bureau insurance agent. In this case, Farm Bureau offers landowners an additional agritainment coverage for a nominal annual fee which augments their liability coverage to include paid-for guest activities. For those landowners who have other coverage, or wish to carry a hunting-specific coverage policy, our partner National Deer Association offers a comprehensive coverage program.

LandTrust Liability

LandTrust carries a specialty hunting $1 million blanket liability policy to cover itself and act as a backstop for our landowner partners should an issue of negligence ever be raised.

Requirements & Exclusions

Due to the comprehensive nature of LandTrust’s attention to safety and insurance, there may be specific exclusions in different elements of coverage beyond our control. We encourage landowners to understand their own existing policies and obtain the additional agritainment or dedicated hunting policy as they deem appropriate.

For detailed questions on LandTrust’s liability coverage, please email or give us a call at (406) 709-8450.


Your land could provide more.

Working lands should remain in working hands. LandTrust partners with landowners to help them earn additional income from their land.

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