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Increase Your
Land’s Income.

LandTrust partners with landowners looking for ways to increase income from their land. How? We utilize a similar shared-economy platform that made Airbnb a global success and put it to work for you. You get paid for allowing hunters, fishermen and women, outdoor enthusiasts, and photographers on your land.

LandTrust elevates landowners’ management of more than just “fall friends” by attracting interest in land use during all hunting seasons, creating new recreational interest, and developing demand where there was little. Your family, land, and communities all benefit.

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Discover Your Land's True Recreational Potential.
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Don’t Miss Out on These Opportunities.

More Turkeys, Fewer Trophies

Expand your reach of hunters and times to hunt with a wider offering than just that big buck. Many of our landowners increase their income significantly by expanding their offering to include turkeys, ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, grouse, coyotes, prairie dogs, hogs and a variety of fishing opportunities.

1M+ New Consumers Want

With the evolution of consumer preferences for outdoor experiences we are seeing an increase in the number of people hunting and fishing—1 million new in 2020 and $5.3 billion paid to access land in 2020. LandTrust makes accessing this consumer behavior easier for landowners.

Beyond the Hunt

Your property is amazing. Share the uniqueness with an ever growing population of consumers seeking wide-open spaces, getting back to nature, and slowing down. Use your land for photography, stargazing, floating down the river, experience a round-up, and so much more.

Partner with LandTrust

Save Time for What You Love

Doing the marketing and organizing of guests yourself is time consuming and frustrating. LandTrust makes it easy by doing the work for you.

You Are Always in Control

When you take advantage of LandTrust’s platform, you set the price, remain in control of the dates for access, establish what activities are allowed, approve who can come, and set any rules for your land’s use.

Reduce Your Risk

LandTrust takes on the risk. Our Safety Program includes guest ID verification, requires prepayment with a credit card, gathers waivers from your guests, offers hunters insurance, and always includes landowner liability insurance.

No Upfront Costs, 85% is Yours

After a sportsman’s trip is completed, payment will be directly deposited in your account. LandTrust takes 15% only when you get paid. It’s that easy.
View our Limited Time Deal

Watch Their Story

Listen to Katelyn and her dad, Chuck, share how Storey Hereford Ranch has used LandTrust to simply and safely add income to their operation through hosting hunters.

Access Your Land’s True
Recreational Potential.

Learn how other landowners promote their property – and make more money – by making it available for recreational use. Then discover how you can invite people to access your land’s greater potential.


I would advise any other producer that I know to look into LandTrust. There's no time limit on LandTrust, try it a year and if you don't like it, you can stop anytime, but if you do like it, make some money & take some worries away. It's that simple.

Chuck hosts sportsmen on LandTrust for the additional income it provides for his family.

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With LandTrust, I set the rules for my property and accept the sportsmen that I trust. I’m able to stay in control of my land, and meet sportsmen who respect my land as much as I do.

JD hosts sportsmen on LandTrust for the control it provides over traditional door knocking leases.

JD Image

Working with LandTrust has been amazing because my dad has trusted me to do and try things that generations above him would have said "absolutely not."

Katelyn hosts sportsmen on LandTrust to gain additional income for her family and trust from her dad.

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Recreational Use

An Expanded Opportunity for Landowners and Communities.

The survival of family ranches and farms often lies in the different ways you work the land for profit. You’ve used your land for farming, ranching, and occasional hunting. At LandTrust, we see recreational use as today’s way of keeping land undeveloped while still generating money. The emergence of the “shared economy” (Uber), new and evolved platforms (Airbnb), mobile internet ubiquity, and more than a year of lockdown have created the perfect situation for pairing memorable outdoor experiences with people seeking access.

From Harvesting to Hosting.

That is where landowners and LandTrust come in. You have the land and opportunity to create experiences, and we have the marketplace to sell those experiences. We are looking for partners who see their land differently—for its great potential not just for harvesting or leasing, but for hosting and even supporting their community.

Ready to create a listing?

There’s no up-front fee. No minimum number of reservations. And you can stop hosting at any time.
Create your account

1. Create your account.

It's free and easy. Build a listing by entering your property’s description, selecting what you want to offer, and adding photographs.
Set your dates

2. Set your dates.

Choose the dates you'd like to receive your future bookings for—and block the ones you want to reserve for friends, family or for any reason.
Get booking requests

3. Get booking requests.

When sportsmen find your property, they'll send booking requests that you'll be able to review and approve.
Host Sportsmen

4. Host Sportsmen

After a sportsman's trip is completed, payment will be directly deposited in your account. LandTrust takes 15% only when you get paid. It's that easy.

View our limited time deal for landowners.

Hurry and list your property today!

If you sign up before June 1, 2021, you keep 90%, instead of 85%, of your property’s booking revenue. LandTrust earns 10% commission for bringing you customers, a reservation management system, and insurance.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Will hosting hunters really make me money?

Can I pick who comes to hunt? How do I trust they will respect my land?

How do I get paid?

I'm rarely on my land, do I need to be there when sportsmen arrive?

Can my friends and family use LandTrust to schedule a hunt?

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