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    Our Program

    LandTrust is a for-profit conservation company focused on enhancing the land and wildlife management on rural private lands. We do this by connecting recreators, industry partners, government programs, and conservation experts to create a community of support for rural landowners.

    The 4 Pillars to our partner conservation program

    Partners are not required to participate in all four pillars, and if there is a partnership aspect you’d like to explore that is not included in these pillars, please reach out to us, as LandTrust considers itself an innovative partner in this new private lands conservation space.



    Organizational Contributions
    LandTrust is committed to the success of conservation groups and their respective missions. As such, we will make a donation to each respective species’ conservation group whenever a trip occurs on the LandTrust platform.

    LandTrust is responsible for processing the transaction for trips that occur on its platform, thus we will automatically include a fee when a trip is booked for a species for which we have a partnership with a respective conservation group. Once a trip is successfully completed, LandTrust will remit that fee to the conservation group at the end of each month in a single payment, with suitable information as to the number and detail of trips completed each month.

    This is the most basic aspect of LandTrust’s CPP and a testament to our commitment to the role these groups play in the conservation ecosystem.


    Program Support on Private Lands
    It's common for conservation groups to desire access to private lands for a variety of reasons, some examples include:

    • Research Studies
    • Experiences for members (such as youth, veterans, special needs, etc.)
    • Promotional Events

    LandTrust's extensive community of landowners across the United States makes us a unique partner to identify willing landowners to support special conservation group programs and experiences for its members.


    Resources and Support for Landowners
    LandTrust landowners are themselves land managers and conservationists, but they need access to expert advice and guidance. In particular, certain species-oriented conservation groups have some of the best scientific experts and advice available for things like:

    • Habitat Creation & Management
    • Carrying Capacity
    • Water Access & Features
    • Overwintering
    • Food Plot Management
    • Predator Management

    LandTrust wants to facilitate access to this information to further support its landowners' efforts around land management and wildlife conservation.


    Co-marketing Programs
    LandTrust is using free market economics to bring alternative revenue streams to private landowners through outdoor experiences by recreators. This additional revenue helps landowners see wildlife and its management and conservation as a positive asset of their operation. The more we grow, the more revenue we can generate for landowners to invest in habitat, management programs, food plots, predator control programs, etc., including more revenue for conservation partners and programs.

    The more our partners can grow the number of recreators who want to experience the outdoors, the more we can collectively build awareness and support for the proven successful role that hunters as well as private landowners play in wildlife conservation.

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