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The Recreation Access Network

    Book your next Kansas Antelope hunt with LandTrust, the best way to hunt private land.

    For antelope hunters looking for new opportunities on private land, makes it easy to connect directly with landowners and book antelope hunts. Unlike expensive annual leases, guided hunts, or door knocking, LandTrust makes accessing private land for antelope hunting simple.

    Find your next Kansas Antelope hunt by GMU.

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    Hear What LandTrust Hunters in Kansas Have To Say

    Brian was an excellent host, and his property is fantastic. He was helpful with directions and suggestions for areas likely to have birds. There are several draws with timber and all the right cover for quail. I will definitely reserve this property in the future.
    Joseph Lewis
    Alexander Ranch, KS
    I sure enjoyed hunting at Walnut Creek Encounters. Large mature bucks get harvested in this area yearly. Heat and drought made the early season hunt pretty challenging this year in Kansas. Jay and Maureen are easy to deal with and are sure nice folks. Their farm contains a lot of cover, as well as AG fields.
    David Kensey
    Walnut Creek Encounters, KS
    Lori is a very gracious host. When the turkeys walked away from her property, like they often do, she got busy and secured a neighbor’s property to hunt. Even though I was unsuccessful, I did see turkeys. The cabin is very spacious and comfortable. It is also well-equipped and can accommodate large groups.
    George King
    Cressler Creek Log Cabin

    GMU 2

    Located in the southern part of the state, near the Colorado-Kansas border and stretching almost to Ellis, this pronghorn unit is one of the best in the state. The area, which is predominantly flat to slightly hilly and drains into the Smoky Hill River and its western forks, is home to a good population of pronghorns.

    Big Game Hunt
    315 Acres at Schneider Ranch in
    Starting Price$175 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    1,100 Acres at Ackerman Farms in Brewster, KS
    Starting Price$300 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    4,085 Acres at Hackberry Creek Farm in Wallace, KS
    Starting Price$125 / Guest

    GMU 17

    Unit 17 encompasses Hamilton, Kearny, and Finney counties, as well as parts of 14 other counties. Located on the high plains, this unit borders Colorado and sees its scattered herds of antelope make their home on private land.

    Antelope Hunt
    400 Acres at Linden Farms in
    Starting Price$125 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    10,000 Acres at OJO Ranch in
    Starting Price$500 / Guest
    Antelope Hunt
    6,191 Acres at Brown Home Farm in Kendall, KS
    Starting Price$100 / Guest

    GMU 18

    This unit is located in the southwestern corner of the state and is another Kansas unit with a high density of private lands, which hold a good amount of antelope. The land in this area is generally flat to slightly rolling, with most of it drained by the Cimarron River and its tributaries.

    Archery Antelope Hunt
    3,000 Acres at Bowker Farms in
    Starting Price$125 / Guest

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