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Deerhaven, Rogers Township, Michigan
Al C
Al C

Deerhaven​,​ Rogers Township​,​ Michigan

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About this Property

Rogers Township​,​ MichiganThis property consist of 73 acres and is located 10 miles north of Rogers city along US 23. The property has no trails​,​ combo of lowland mixed connifers (cedar​/​spruce) down south​,​ there's a bog to the south which is a water source. The northern end of the propety is mixed hardwoods. The property has good populations of whitetails​,​ turkey & grouse.

Property Information

Acreage: 73

Nearest Town: Rogers City

Game Management Unit: 71

Game Species

  • Deer (Buck)
  • Deer (Doe)
  • Grouse

Hunting Method of Take

  • Archery
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Muzzleloader
  • Black Powder


  • Woods
  • Water Source


1. This Agreement is a license to hunt only, and consequently, taken subject to the rights thereof. The Hunters may harvest any game that is in season provided all Michigan statutes are being adhered to. 2. The Hunters shall in no manner interfere or obstruct Landowner's farming, hydrocarbon production, or forestry operations. No live trees may be cut by the Hunters regardless of the reason without prior approval of the Landowner 3. Landowner reserves the right to deny access to the leased premises to any person or persons for any of the following reasons: drunkenness, carelessness with firearms, trespassing on property of adjoining landowners, acts which could reasonably be expected to strain relationships with adjoining landowners, or any other activities which to the ordinary person would be considered objectionable, offensive, or to cause embarrassment to Landowner or be detrimental to Landowner's interest. Failure of Lessee to expel or deny access to the premises to any person or persons after being notified to do so by Landowner may result in the termination of this agreement at discretion of Landowner and all fees paid will be deemed to be forfeited. 4. No hunter shall be allowed to: (a) shoot a firearm from a vehicle; (b) erect a deer stand within 10 yards of the boundary of the herein leased premises (c) leave open a gate found closed or close a gate found open or cut any fence. (d) take registered over-the-road vehicles to include motorcycles into the wooded area. An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) of no more than 1000 pounds gross vehicle weight may be used to retrieve game. No recreational use of ATV’s shall be permitted. (e) fire rifles or other firearms in the direction of any house, barn, and other improvements or across any road located in the vicinity of the leased premises; (f) build or allow fires in the woodlands. Lessee shall be kept fully liable for such fires started by himself or his invitees. 5.Hunters are authorized to park their vehicles along the side but within the boundaries of the property. 6.Unless stationed in a tree stand while bow hunting, Hunters shall wear blaze orange vests when deer hunting, display the appropriate Michigan hunting tags and carry a picture Identification Card which is to be shown upon demand by any authority to include the Landowner. 7.Hunters shall not construct, place, or use permanent-type tree stands, or place spikes, nails, wires, or other metal objects to hold tree stands or as steps to tree stands. Temporary tree stands may be installed; however, hunters must wear safety harness when using same and all temporary stand must be removed by Lessee(s) at the expiration of their Lease. 8.Hunters agree to provide Landowner a listing of all game harvested under this agreement and a photo of the best whitetail buck taken and one picture of each game species taken during the hunting period.

Also Enjoy:

  • ATVs
  • Walk-in Access


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    Al C

    Hello, I'm Al C.

    I currently own some acreage in northern Michigan. This property is located in Rogers Township which is 10 miles north of Rogers city along US 23.

    I currently own some acreage in northern Michigan. This property is located in Rogers Township which is 10 miles north of Rogers city along US 23.

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