Sun Ray Valley Farm
Sun Ray Valley Farm
Sun Ray Valley Farm
Sun Ray Valley Farm

Sun Ray Valley Farm

202 acres

Sun Ray Valley Farm

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Nearest Town:Newark

Game Species

  • Whitetail

Hunting Method of Take

  • Archery
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Muzzleloader


  • Agriculture
  • Fields
  • Woods
  • Water Source


  • Tree Stand
  • Parking on Property


a. Assign one member of the party to act as a representative in matters regarding all activities under this lease. b. Pay Landowner the sum of $215.00 per day per Hunter. Hunters are limited to a party of four (4) per lease period. c. Pay a nonrefundable deposit equal to ½ of total lease when booking. d. Provide Owner with a copy of a valid Ohio Hunting License at check-in. Additionally, each Hunter must complete a “Permission to Enter Private Land for Recreational Activities” form as required by the State of Ohio and carry with them at all times when on Owner property. e. Use of drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited while on Property. f. Provide Owner with a current certificate of insurance covering the Hunter, Owner and each member of the hunting party against damages and liabilities. Coverage shall be at least $1,000,000. g. Abide by all federal, state, and local hunting regulations. h. Be personally responsible for his/her actions and activities. i. Maintain proper safety procedures regarding firearms, especially when in the vicinity of other people, near the property borders, the barns and house. j. Hunters agrees not to shoot across property lines. The State of Ohio requires a “Permission to Enter Private Land for Recreational Activities” from each property owner on which Hunters are actively hunting. k. Maintain a “No Hunting or Shooting” zone within 200 yards of the house and barns. l. Hunters may use their own ATVs on property. NO ATVs are permitted to be operated in corn or soy bean fields. Hunters can walk carefully through fields that still have crops in them. m. Hunters agree to help protect property from fire and other damages, including fences, crops, and other improvements. Hunters will report any damage to Owner. n. Hunters agree to keep property free of litter at all times and remove all trash and litter each day when leaving said property. o. Hunters may field dress deer on the property but must inform the Owner of the location of the carcass so he can properly dispose of them. p. Keep records of all deer harvested and supply pictures to the Owner. q. Use deer stands on property with care, leaving them in the same condition as found. Hunters can bring their own stands for their use. Hunter provided deer stands must be removed at end of lease.

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  • Camping
  • Campfires
  • ATVs
  • Drive-in Access


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