Nic D
Nic D
Joined Jul 01, 2019
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About Nic
I'm the founder of LandTrust. LandTrust is a marketplace where people can list, discover, and book trips on private land for hunting, fishing & outdoor recreation. Whether you're booking your dream Montana elk hunt or simply finding a local pond to take your kids fishing this weekend, LandTrust is the #1 website for getting sportsmen out pursuing their passions on private land. LandTrust creates new revenue streams for private rural landowners like farmers & ranchers, which enables them to conserve their land and be directly compensated for good land management practices. I like every style of hunting & fishing I've tried my hand at. Whether it's upland, waterfowl, big game, or fly fishing, spearfishing, or conventional tackle if it's outside and in pursuit of fish or game, I'm game.
Lives in Montana
Enjoys Fishing
Hunts with: Rifle, Shotgun, Bow & Arrow
Species that Nic is interested in.
Reviews (10)5.0
  • Anne K
    Anne K
    December 2020

    Nic is a very conscientious and experienced hunter and a charming guest. We enjoy hosting him very much and feel very confident - for ourselves and our dogs - around him! His party were novice hunters, who are all experienced shooters. It was interesting for us to see the gaps in our assumptions, such as us providing shells, loaner guns and bottles of water as part of our daily rate. I hate to "nickel & dime" guests for extras so I'll have to be more specific about "what to bring". I think we gave good value and felt like we charged the right amount, but we need to go and buy more shells!! Come back soon, Nic!

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B
    November 2020

    It was a real pleasure to host the LandTrust leadership team! They are wonderful guests and sportsmen, and I’m excited to have them out again! LandTrust is in good hands!

  • Anne K
    Anne K
    October 2020

    Nic and his party were super-conscientious, friendly, experienced hunters who we enjoyed immensely. I hope they continue to come as our guests and (new) friends! We also learned a lot about LandTrust's overall vision and are proud to be part of their conservation initiative. Thank you, Nic.

  • JH
    JD H
    August 2020

    Respected all rules and property. Happy to have Nic again.

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D
    January 2020

    Nic thanks for coming out and experiencing urban hunting. You never know what you will see! Hope you find time to come back.

  • Toynette S
    Toynette S
    December 2019

    Nic is great to work with! Lookin

  • Karen S
    Karen S
    November 2019

    We were happy to finally host Nic (LandTrust's founder) out on the ranch and even happier he was able to get his first elk ever! Looking forward to many more hunts!

  • Jeff R
    Jeff R
    November 2019

    It's always great as a landowner when the people you allow to hunt are respectful, conservation-minded, ethical and plain old nice people.

  • TP
    Tom P
    October 2019

    Nic was a great guest out on the ranch. They camped out and made sure to leave no trace when the checked out. Happy to have him back for more hunts in the future!

  • Todd S
    Todd S
    October 2019

    We so enjoyed having you guys at our place. Very respectful of our property and true outdoor sportsmen! Come again anytime, hope to see you soon!