Pratt Ranch at Crooked Creek

Pratt Ranch at Crooked Creek

Hunt/Hosted by Tom P/

About this Property

This gorgeous working cattle ranch offers beautiful views and the opportunity for some good sporting fun. The ranch borders BLM & State Land on all four sides. On the ranch we have a good population of antelope as well as mule deer although we see a lot more does than mature bucks here. You can see both species out in the grazing fields or moving through the sage brush flats. We've also got some populations of hungarian partridge​,​ sage grouse​,​ and sharptails although we wouldn't classify this as a premiere upland bird property. We also have some pheasant occassionaly. In addition to those game populations we have lots of coyotes and a few large prairie dog towns. If you book antelope​/​deer​/​upland hunting​,​ you can also hunt coyotes and praire dogs. Non hunting guests don't need to pay to accompany you. 4 Day Antelope​/​Deer Hunt Package -$4​,​000 (flat rate​,​ not per sportsman) -Includes hunting and lodging for up to 5 sportsmen -Antelope archery season: Sept 7-Oct 10 -Antelope rifle season: Oct 12-Nov 10 -Deer archery season: Sept 7-Oct 20 -Deer rifle season: Oct 26-Dec 1

Property Information

Acreage: 7,138

Nearest Town: Billings

Game Management Unit: 590

Game Species

  • Antelope (Buck)
  • Antelope (Doe)
  • Coyote
  • Deer (Buck)
  • Deer (Doe)
  • Upland Bird

Hunting Method of Take

  • Archery
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle


  • Mountains
  • Fields
  • Woods
  • Water Source
  • Public Land Access


  • Parking on Property


All sportsmen must stay on established roads so as to not create new ruts. With even a little bit of precipitation the roads become very sloppy so parking and walking in is advised.

Also Enjoy:

  • RV Hookup
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Drive-in Access
  • Walk-in Access


Reviews (1)

  • Nic D

    Tom's ranch is absolutely beautiful and a quick 20mi to Billings. With just a short drive we went from downtown to out in the middle of the sprawling ranch. Upon arriving to the ranch on Friday afternoon we saw antelope and mule deer. After setting up camp we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, fire, tons of stars and a few coyote packs yipping just a few hundred yards away. We came out to hunt some birds (huns & pheasant) and saw both throughout the morning hunt. We weren't able to put any birds in the bag but it was a fun hunt. We also checked out one of the big prairie dog towns on the property and had some fun with a .22 out there for a bit before we hit the road. Overall, we had a great time on the ranch. Thanks, Tom!

    Nic DOctober 2019

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