Pratt Ranch North

Pratt Ranch North

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About this Property

This beautiful sprawling ranch is just 20 miles north of Billings​,​ MT. It is an active cattle ranching operation and will have cattle on different ranges throughout the year. A large portion of this property is sagebrush flats with draws running through it. In the western & northwestern portions of the property​,​ it turns into more breaks with craggy cliffs with timber. Mule deer are known to hang out in these areas and go up on top of the neighboring adjacent mesas that have agriculture on them to feed. While we do see quite a few does​,​ this property isn't known to hold a lot of mature bucks. We also have a fairly healthy population of antelope that use the property. The property can have Hungarian partridge​,​ sage grouse & sharptail grouse throughout it. We also have fairly abundant coyote populations. The ranch has a landlocked state section and is adjacent to the north and western borders. Non-hunting guests don't need to pay to accompany you. 4 Day Antelope​/​Deer Hunt Package -$4​,​000 (flat rate​,​ not per sportsman) -Includes hunting and lodging for up to 5 sportsmen -Antelope archery season: Sept 7-Oct 10 -Antelope rifle season: Oct 12-Nov 10 -Deer archery season: Sept 7-Oct 20 -Deer rifle season: Oct 26-Dec 1

Property Information


Nearest Town:Billings

Game Management Unit:590

Game Species

  • Antelope (Buck)
  • Antelope (Doe)
  • Coyote
  • Mule Deer
  • Turkey
  • Upland Bird

Hunting Method of Take

  • Archery
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle


  • Mountains
  • Fields
  • Woods
  • Water Source
  • Public Land Access


  • Parking on Property


Sportsmen must stay on all existing roads so as not to create new ruts on the property. With any moisture, these roads become very sloppy and it's recommended to park & walk-in.

Also Enjoy:

  • Drive-in Access
  • Walk-in Access


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