Sugar Creek Bucks, Turkeys, & Fishing
Sugar Creek Bucks, Turkeys, & Fishing
Sugar Creek Bucks, Turkeys, & Fishing
Sugar Creek Bucks, Turkeys, & Fishing

Sugar Creek Bucks​,​ Turkeys​,​ & Fishing

Madisonville, KY

200 acres

Sugar Creek Bucks​,​ Turkeys​,​ & Fishing

Madisonville, KY

This property is unique in that it is surrounded by over 5​,​000 acres of unhunted properties: mining​,​ swamps​,​ woods​,​ fields and a large privately owned property where no hunting is permitted. Our property has woods​,​ creeks​,​ ponds​,​ lakes​,​ oak thickets​,​ clearings and a large open field which is 300 feet corner to corner from a large crop field and all this next to known bedding areas. We have lots of producing persimmon trees on the property and along the property lines. More than one hunter has said​,​ “This property has everything!” There is very little hunting pressure because of the surrounding properties. In fact​,​ there is so little hunting pressure​,​ that I thought it was a bad rifle season the first year after I had purchased the property because I had heard so few shots. But​,​ then I found out from my neighbor​,​ who seems to know everything about the area​,​ why there is so little hunting pressure.There is a large swamp on the east and the north. We have 14 shooting houses​,​ 3 tower stands​,​ 8 two man tree stands and on regular tree stand. All are in prime locations and allow for choice depending upon weather conditions. The Deer: The previous owners harvested a 191 and 197 deer in the last few seasons and​,​ last season​,​ two deer were taken in the 135 range as well as one around 145. We have many​,​ many pictures from our trail cams from previous seasons​,​ many in daylight. A 197 buck was taken as it walked out of the swamp onto a trail. A 191 buck was taken coming out of this same swamp onto a trail beside one of our lakes. There are now seven experienced hunters including one this season who have seen the largest buck of their life on this property. A number of outfitter friends have told us that we have more BIG deer than any other comparable property that they know. Huge deer have been taken​,​ or spotted all over the property​,​ coming in from the bedding areas​,​ the swamps​,​ through a number of pinch points. There are still areas on the property which have not been hunted for over 15 years! Fishing: We have 3 nice lakes​,​ several ponds​,​ a big creek​,​ and a lot of swamp adjoining​,​ all with big fish! The largest lake is about 9 acres. Chad Hoover​,​ a fishing guide on NBC​,​ came out and videotaped for 1 1​/​2 days​,​ said he couldn't have designed a better bass lake. We know that there are crappie​,​ bluegill​,​ catfish​,​ shellcrackers​,​ and even smallmouth bass in 2 of the lakes​,​ very unusual! This is beside the big largemouth bass in them. We offer a few fishermen or families​,​ a seasonal lease which would run from the end of deer season in January​,​ through approximately mid August​,​ except for the 3 weeks of spring Turkey season in April. Price would depend on the number of people​,​ and how often they thought they would be able to come fish. Fishing Packages: Fishing & lodging for up to 4 sportsmen. 2-Days: $500.00 5-Days: $875.00 Lodging: We have a large apartment in a large pole barn building for hunters to stay on site. Rates are $150 per night and can accommodate 8 hunters easily. There is a large parking area and plenty of room for vehicles​,​ trailers​,​ ATV’s etc.​,​ plus plenty of room inside the building to spread out your gear. Also​,​ there is a tripod hoist for processing your deer as well as scales to weigh them. Rates: We have a number of repeat customers​,​ some coming this season for the 3rd or 4th year​,​ so openings are limited. 1. All firearm hunts are $350 per person per day. 2. All archery hunts are $300 per person per day​,​ except for the first 10 days of season (velvet bucks) and the few days in November before the rifle season; these days are $350 per person per day. 3. Youth season: I will reserve the entire property for a Children’s group​,​ especially a church group​,​ at a discount​,​ if interested​,​ so I don’t start booking individuals. 4. Lodging is $150 per night per group. 5. 2020 Spring Turkey season is $125 per person per day. Velvet Hunters: For all those who have wanted to get a deer in velvet​,​ here is a terrific opportunity. There is a huge CRP bedding area just on the other side of my 2​,​400 foot west property line​,​ and I have seen as may as 6 buck racks walking thru the brush there are the same time. When I first put cameras​,​ feeders and cut openings in my fence​,​ I got 1​,​000’s of good buck pictures. In fact​,​ in less than a 24 hour period​,​ I got 346 buck pictures on one camera-no blanks​,​ no spikes​,​ no forkies. The best part is that I captured many daylight pictures of nice bucks in VELVET​,​ that just stayed at the feeders for 30 45 minutes! I could just about throw a rock and get one from some of the shooting houses. If you can manage the hot weather​,​ you have a great chance at a BIG VELVET BUCK!

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Land Details

Food Plots • Agriculture
Rivers • Ponds

Hunting & Fishing Details

Hunting Methods
Hunting Amenities
  • Tree Stands (8)
  • Game Cameras (1)
  • Game Feeders (1)
Game Species
  • Turkey - $125.00
  • Whitetail - $350.00
Fishing Methods
Fly Fishing
Artificial Lure
Live Bait
Fish Species
Fishing rates are set at a flat fee $100.00 per day.
  • Black Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass

House Details

8 Sportsmen
1 Bedrooms
6 Single
2 Sofa Bed
1 Bathrooms
House Amenities
Garbage Area

Details & Ground Rules

  • Campfires: Not allowed
  • Pets: Not allowed on property
  • ATV's: Allowed
  • Parking: Yes
  • Drive-in Access: Yes
  • Walk-in Access: Yes
  • Sportsmen: 8 Allowed

Cancellation Policy: A Sportsman on LandTrust has 48 hours from the time the Landowner accepts their booking request to cancel their booking and receive a full refund. After 48 hours from the moment the Landowner accepts a booking, there is no refund available to the Sportsman. View Policy.


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