The American Sportsmens Club of New Jersey
The American Sportsmens Club of New Jersey
The American Sportsmens Club of New Jersey
The American Sportsmens Club of New Jersey

The American Sportsmens Club of New Jersey


10 acres

The American Sportsmens Club of New Jersey


Hunting Lodge good for extended stays to hunt private and public NJ lands. Full kitchen​,​ archery range​,​ outdoor fire pit​,​ indoor fireplace​,​ free firewood​,​ refrigerator​,​ freezer​,​ rifle range​,​ gated private parking​,​ TV​,​ Wifi​,​ tree stands​,​ bathrooms​,​ showers​,​ billiards​,​ darts and sleeping bunks (bring your own bedding). Great for a hunting​/​adventure vacation! Family friendly. Near the Jersey shore for good fishing​,​ food​/​entertainment (charter fishing​,​ surf fishing​,​ crabbing​,​ water parks​,​ rides and boardwalks when in season) and near NJ Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). Stocked upland fields only a few miles down the road (dependent on season). NJ hunting zone 21 for deer Minimum of 5 day rental (stay as long as you want up to 5 days) with free check-in day (Sunday). Unfortunately​,​ no daily rentals. Minimum party size is 4. The pricing includes hunting access and lodging for the 5 days. Includes guides.

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Land Details

Food Plots
Woods • Grasslands • Brush

Hunting Details

Hunting Methods
Hunting Amenities
  • Tree Stands (4)
  • Ground Blinds (1)
Game Species
  • Whitetail - $100.00

House Details

16 Sportsmen
0 Bedrooms
20 Single
1.5 Bathrooms
Hot Water
House Amenities
Pet's Allowed Inside
How Water
Garbage Area

Details & Ground Rules

  • Check In: After 11:00 AM
  • Check Out: Before 10:00 PM
  • Campfires: Allowed
  • Pets: Allowed on property
  • ATV's: Not allowed
  • Parking: Yes
  • Vehicles: 10 Allowed
  • Drive-in Access: Yes
  • Walk-in Access: Yes
  • Sportsmen: 12 Allowed

Landowner Rules: Visiting hunters are responsible for understanding and adhering to New Jersey hunting laws, regulations and permit requirements; The American Sportsmens Club of NJ will not be held responsible or liable for your lack of hunting permits or informing visiting hunters as to what the legal hunting season is. New Jersey hunting laws must be adhered to at all times. Do your research on New Jersey hunting laws before booking. NJ hunting zone 21 for deer NJ hunting zone 14 for turkey Hunting lodge has full kitchen, bathrooms, 30 bunks (bring sleeping bags or bedding), TV, WiFi, refrigerator, freezer, access to 10 acres of private property for deer and turkey, tree stands, campfire pit, indoor fireplace, archery range, free firewood, rifle range, private parking (controlled by security gate) and access to hundreds of acres of public hunting land immediately adjacent to the private property. Keep the property/lodge clean and have fun!! If anticipating the use the rifle range, you will need to be certified to use the range by first attending a safety course provided by an American Sportsmens club of NJ member. The American Sportsmens Club of NJ liability waivers will need to be signed upon check in. Minimum of 5 day stay (stay as long as you want up to 5 days). No daily rentals. Please contact us for availability as it is always changing. If a minimum of 4 paying hunters (5 days), spouses and children stay for free. Up to 16 guests (your party only and includes spouses and youth) in lodging per week. Please contact us to confirm pricing.

Cancellation Policy: A Sportsman on LandTrust has 48 hours from the time the Landowner accepts their booking request to cancel their booking and receive a full refund. After 48 hours from the moment the Landowner accepts a booking, there is no refund available to the Sportsman. View Policy.


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