Coulter Ranch
Coulter Ranch
Coulter Ranch
Coulter Ranch

Coulter Ranch

Brusett, MT

3,174 acres

Coulter Ranch

Brusett, MT

Our property has over 3​,​000 acres of rolling hills​,​ grasslands​,​ and draws that are home to antelope​,​ mule deer​,​ and grouse. We also have a few ponds on the property that will have ducks and geese on them at any time. There is a stable population of coyotes on our property as well. We do not have lodging on the property​,​ but you are welcome to park a trailer on the property while you hunt. There are also options for lodging close by in town. Antelope Package: Exclusive hunting access on the property for up to 4 sportsman. Price is a flat group fee (not per sportsman). 3-days: $2​,​100 5-day: $3​,​000 7-day: $3​,​500

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Land Details


Hunting Details

Hunting Methods
Game Species
  • Antelope - $200.00
  • Coyote - $50.00
  • Duck - $50.00
  • Grouse - $50.00
  • Mule Deer - $200.00
  • Prarie Dog - $25.00
  • Whitetail - $150.00

Details & Ground Rules

  • Campfires: Not allowed
  • Pets: Allowed on property
  • ATV's: Not allowed
  • Parking: Yes
  • Drive-in Access: No
  • Walk-in Access: Yes
  • Sportsmen: 5 Allowed

Landowner Rules: Do not drive off of roads. Park in designated areas. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Cancellation Policy: A Sportsman on LandTrust has 48 hours from the time the Landowner accepts their booking request to cancel their booking and receive a full refund. After 48 hours from the moment the Landowner accepts a booking, there is no refund available to the Sportsman. View Policy.


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