Tumbleweed Ranch
Tumbleweed Ranch
Tumbleweed Ranch
Tumbleweed Ranch
Tumbleweed Ranch

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Tumbleweed Ranch

Nearest Town, Conrad, Montana
2,100 acres

Welcome to Tumbleweed Ranch!

We are a 3rd generation family farm and ranch. We are located just south of Montana’s Hi-Line, between Conrad and Shelby. We raise top quality Angus-cross cattle and produce a tremendous hay crop each year.

Our Operation

A good percentage of our hay crop is forward contracted each year with long-time valued customers. We do still usually have a large amount of hay for sale though.

We raise alfalfa and alfalfa grass mix. We bale in large rounds and are firm believers in allowing our hay to dry down completely. We bale on the dew because we feel that this minimizes spoilage and ensures leaf retention.

We have a conventional combine, which ensures we are able to produce quality barley straw. This also is baled in large round bales. 

A great cattle herd is not made overnight. It is built over time, utilizing good genetics, handpicked quality, and consistent sustainable practices.

What you put into your cattle is what you get out of them. We have heavily invested in our cow herd, and it shows. The bulls we purchase each year are top notch. We recognize the value of introducing new bloodlines, with the intent of adding high quality genetics to the solid foundation of our herd.

We breed for muscle, structure, docility, growth, and performance. The calves weaning off in the fall are getting better and better each year.

Our mother cows are primarily Black Angus, with a touch of Hereford influence.

While we don't do it each and every year, we have used synchronized AI programs for heifer breeding in the past, with good results. It's a way for us to introduce those well-sought-after superior sires into our genetics, while not having to put up the money to own the bull.

We buy our bulls from excellent local breeders as well as a few others within the state. We have used a few Hereford bulls over the years, to craft hybrid-vigor in a portion of the offspring. We have been very pleased with this cross for the past several years.


We are pleased to be offering hunting and fishing opportunities on our 2,100 acres. We have a nice mix of habitat with northern Montana grasslands, breaks, and coulees paired with our alfalfa fields. We also have some great northern pike and perch fishing available as well.


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Available Packages

Accepting Bookings
Jul. 15
Antelope Hunt
Starting Price $150 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
Accepting Bookings Jul. 15
Mule Deer Hunt
Starting Price $200 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
1 Guest
1 Day
Whitetail Hunt
Starting Price $250 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
Upland Bird Hunt
Starting Price $150 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
Waterfowl Hunt
Starting Price $150 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
Gopher Hunt
Starting Price $25 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
Shed Hunt
Starting Price $50 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
1 Guest
1 Day
Outdoor Recreation
RV or Camping Stay
Starting Price $5 / Guest
5 Guests
1 Day
Hi-Line Pond Fishing
Starting Price $50 / Guest
1 Guest
1 Day
This listing has been closed and cannot be booked
Property Visited

Tumbleweed Ranch is a beautiful property. The pond attracts a large number of ducks. The hay fields and irrigated grounds attract deer, antelope, and birds throughout the year. I saw several antelope in the open fields as we toured around.  

Property Visit on 4/27/2023

Skylar Stenson


LandTrust Field Rep

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Property Access & Ground Rules

  • Check In: After 5:00 AM
  • Check Out: Before 9:00 PM
  • Nearby Interstate: 0-10 miles
  • Nearby Highway: 0-10 miles
  • Nearby Airport: 20+ miles
  • Campfires: Not allowed
  • Pets: Allowed on property
  • ATV's: Not allowed
  • Parking: Yes
  • Vehicles: 2 Allowed
  • Drive-in Access: No
  • Walk-in Access: Yes
  • Guests: 4 Allowed

Landowner Rules: Be aware of irrigation equipment and livestock. Leave all gates as found.

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