Aquarius Mountain Ranch

Aquarius Mountain Ranch

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Big game​,​ big sky​,​ big stars. Three square miles of high desert bordered on all sides by 22​,​000 acres of BLM Upper Burro Creek Wilderness. Known for abundant wildlife​,​ including bighorn sheep​,​ predators​,​ mountain lion​,​ black bear​,​ elk​,​ antelope​,​ deer​,​ jackrabbit​,​ roadrunner. These animals feed on an abundance of small rodents​,​ rattlesnakes​,​ rabbit and birds. ELK AND ANTELOPE There are 80-plus inch bucks in the unit. BIGHORN Desert bighorn sheep have been increasing in numbers since the Department transplanted into the area. MOUNTAIN LION It is highly recommended to purchase a lion tag when scouting or hunting. Several lions are observed every year during this hunt.There does not appear to be any shortage of lions​,​ as sightings are often reported​,​ sign is seen​,​ and local ranchers report calf depredation throughout the year. JAVELINA Javelina are overpopulated and popular with hunters in this region. The javelina herd still appears to be faring well. Overall hunt success usually runs around 30 percent. Other than the general rifle season​,​ there is also a H.A.M. hunt and an archery hunt. DEER The mule deer population is stable. Water can be found in dirt tanks and running water can be found in many of the springs. QUAIL Quail populations are directly tied to winter and spring precipitation and their populations will be good after last year's heavy rains. DUCK Many stock tanks throughout the unit do get a fair number of waterfowl in the winter months. Be aware that four-wheel drive is usually required when accessing these tanks in winter and roads will be impassable in heavy rain. THE LAND Sweeping 360 degree views of the Aquarius Mountain range and 5000 ft. mesa. Stunning rock formations​,​ cliffs​,​ steep canyons and mesas. Many high places from which to glass and see game in the distance. Vegetation ranges from grasses and endless sagebrush​,​ cholla cactus and Saguaro​,​ Joshua trees​,​ to deciduous trees​,​ Sycamore​,​ Aspen​,​ as well as oak​,​ mesquite​,​ manzanita and pinyon pine. Several seasonal creeks in the area​,​ as well as wells​,​ a spring and livestock tanks. ACCESS Access is a few miles from Interstate 11 (Highway 93)​,​ or a second access road via improved dirt gravel road from main highway and 2WD accessible. Once entering the ranch from the main road you will need 4WD and high clearance for the jeep trails. Access is also possible via horse or ATV up the canyon wash. From here you need to approach by foot and a GPS is recommended. GETTING THERE Located in between Las Vegas and metro Phoenix​,​ which is 2 hours south. Nearest airport is in Mohave. ATVs can be rented with a guide in Wikieup​,​ Wickenburg or Kingman. SERVICES No services available on site. Hunters should be fully self sufficient​,​ and a base camp is recommended. Motels and several good restaurants are in Wikieup. GUIDE We can meet you in town and guide you personally to this location for additional fee.

Property Information

Acreage: 2000

Nearest Town: Wikieup Arizona

Game Management Unit: 18-B

Game Species

  • Sheep (Ram)

Hunting Method of Take

  • Archery
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle


  • Agriculture
  • Mountains
  • Woods
  • Public Land Access


  • Parking on Property


Hunters should follow Leave No Trace ethics. Pack it in, pack it out! Fires must be extinguished COLD. Do not bury live ashes in sand -- ashes must be extinguished completely with water. All fire rings must be left clean -- no broken glass, cans or big ash scars. Clean up your shotgun shells. And do not leave broken arrows behind. This is pristine land. Leave it pristine. You are responsible to be fully self sufficient for camping. We recommend setting up a base camp on the nearby BLM land and hauling in your own water, though there are wells in the area, and springs marked on the map. You will need a horse, jeep or ATV to access the parcels. We recommend parking your trailer or RV on the adjacent Burro Creek Wilderness, which has some good sized vehicle camping spots, and using this as a base camp. From this point, you will need to approach the land on foot and have a GPS or orienteering skills, compass and a topographical map. If you want hookups, dump station or services such as gas, restaurants or a motel, these are available in Wikieup, about 7 miles away and the town caters to hunters.

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  • Camping
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  • ATVs
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    Raised by a hunter, our family is caretaking his land sustainably and responsibly for future generations. We grew up as kids in the 1960s, dressing the fish, birds and…

    Raised by a hunter, our family is caretaking his land sustainably and responsibly for future generations. We grew up as kids in the 1960s, dressing the fish, birds and…